The building of prototypes is an important part of the design process. Functional prototypes allow designers to let actual users experience their concept in context closer to the real world. The information gathered in this process may then be used to further improve the concept.

Improving tangible interfaces

The IDBOX is a set of design-tools for experimenting with and the testing of tangible interfaces. Its modular character and ease of use, turn prototyping into a more rapid and dynamic process. Configurations built out of the IDBOX can be modified and redefined simple and fast, enabling designers to experiment with different interfaces. Designers can also change prototypes easily to let users experience a single prototype configured in different ways.

The IDBOX consists of three interface boxes and several connectors. The interface boxes connect wirelessly to PCs providing the IDBOX the desired flexibility. The connectors are devices which each capture a different input modality and are chosen or made based on the requirements of a specific concept. All input generated through the IDBOX is accessed on PCs in Macromedia Flash using Actionscript to define/create the behavior of the product.