IDBOX is a construction kit for creating and experimenting with tangible interfaces. This graduation project was developed by two interaction design students of the Utrecht School of the Arts, Joost Broersen and Tamas Cselenyi. IDBOX was designed to serve as a tool to liberate designers from the complexity normally associated with creating prototypes for tangible interfaces.

The modular, LEGO like character of the IDBOX encourages a playful, creative approach for interaction designers to build and enhance prototypes for interactive products and installations. IDBOX is a proof of concept based on both theoretical and practical research.


On 14 and 15 september you can see us and all other graduation candidates present our work at the exhibition of the faculty of Art, Media & Technology in Hilversum. Both days doors will be open from 14.00 till 21.00 - drop in and check it out all the cool stuff. >>> Download invitation (PDF.1MB)